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Washed Flannel Pearlsnap Shirt - San Luis Valley Hearth Plaid

Washed Flannel Pearlsnap Shirt - San Luis Valley Hearth Plaid

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Of the many things I dreamed of making for Wythe, flannel plaids were at the top of the list. There is not much more American than a well worn flannel shirt. There are also very few things that are easier to screw up than flannel plaids. Most of yall know it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of scratchy, papery, rough, and just plain unattractive plaids that have been made and are still being made. It only takes a couple of poor quality examples to really make you think twice about which brand you are buying your flannels from. I knew that when I finally had the resources for a Wythe flannel I absolutely had to take it seriously, and luckily the absolute best factory in the world for these types of flannels thought what I was doing with Wythe was pretty cool. They were willing to start small with me and waive their normal minimums and surcharges so that we could really get the quality on point at an affordable price. These flannel workshirts and pearlsnaps are a real labour of love from all areas and comes from hundreds of hours scouring vintage stores, private sellers, and pouring over hundreds of historical black and white photographs looking for that perfect layout or shade combination. These are the real deal. Every single yarn is spun to the right size and shade to evoke the soft yet hearty flannels coming out of the American west in the 1920's-60's worn hard on the backs of farmers, miners, cowboys, loggers, and just plain old hippies doing their best to stay warm and stay outside as long as they could. 

  • Inspired by vintage flannel shirts that were just well loved scraps by the time we got our hands on them.

  • Colours, patterns, and weight are based on American made flannel shirts from the 1920s to the 1960s.

  • Fabric from 100% Indian grown cotton that is spun, dyed, and woven in a family owned mill in India

  • Midweight flannels perfect for wearing year round, with a soft brushed interior and exterior

  • Rear western yoke mirroring the most beautiful patterns of the 1940s and 50s

  • Sawtooth flapped pockets

  • Cream pearl snaps are recreated from old enamel pearl snaps from the 50s that have yellowed with age. Perfect for opening a pocket when youve got one hand of the reins, steering wheel, or cup of hot coffee

  • Collar is unlined and unfused. Designed to look great unbuttoned, and also at home with a bolo tie or bandana

  • Buy your normal size, these shirts will fit comfortably as is with a bit of room to wear open over a tee shirt or thermal. Size down if you want a slimmer fit

  • Wash cold and dry low

  • 100% Cotton

  • Made in India

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