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Tubular Pocket Tee Shirt - Faded Navy

Tubular Pocket Tee Shirt - Faded Navy

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Tee shirts came into Americans wardrobes from GIs returning from the second World War, and the shirts change much in style until the late 60s. This Tee is Wythe's homage to those early originals. Organic cotton yarns are knit slowly into a tube on vintage machines in different dimensions for each size before it is cut, sewn, and dyed. This is much more time intensive set up but results in an authentic tee shirt that doesnt have side seams for a more comfortable tee shirt that gets softer with every wash. The Wythe Tee comes with a small chest pocket and is pre washed and softened.

  • These tees are cut slim with a shorter sleeve for a vintage inspired 1950's fit, think Marlon Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire". Buy your normal size for a true vintage fit, or size up for a looser fit. Please note that sizing up will not change the fact that these sleeves are short.
  • Tubular organic 5 oz jersey
  • Single stitch hems
  • Mounted neck construction for a slimmer and flatter neckline
  • Knit, Cut, Sewn, and Dyed in Portugal out of 100% organic cotton

If you have a favorite tee, compare it to the chart below to get an idea of how the Wythe Pocket tees will fit. Please note that since they are cotton jersey, the Tees will stretch a bit where they need to.

tee chart


Tee stacks

Navy Tee