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Tubular Cotton Ribbed Tank Top - Faded Olive

Tubular Cotton Ribbed Tank Top - Faded Olive

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The classic undershirt, made in the ways its meant to be made. These tank tops are made in a similar way as our Tubular Pocket Tees. The machines knit the cotton in a circle, different widths for different sizes. This allows the shirts to sit neatly and comfortably against your skin without rubbing on the side seams, and also eliminates another area where the shirt can come apart.

We think these ribbed tanks are the perfect option for summer layering. They look great underneath a popover or work shirt, and look great on their own too. Tuck em in and they will stay put due to their longer length.

  • Tubular ribbed cotton, will stretch as needed to the body with a slim fit
  • Long enough length to comfortably tuck in
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in USA