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Denim Diamond W Hat

Denim Diamond W Hat

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Our super lightweight denim hats have returned! We kept the same fabric and incredibly lightweight and malleable brim, but applied some of our Barnstormer Farm League motifs.

Many companies that sold seeds, farm equipment, fertilizers, and other odds and ends to farmers in the USA would send out branded promotional items to advertise their products. Pretty soon many of the farmers switched over from their engineer type caps to these promotional caps sent by the seed companies. Some of the most prized ones I have seen and loved have been these denim caps made by an old American brand.

The problem with these old seed caps, besides being rare and expensive, is that they generally had a cardboard brim which snapped and cracked and bent after they were stuffed in a bag or pocket. Not a problem when the caps are hung up each night when their John Deere is put in the shed, but after 40-50 years the cardboard starts to get soft.

As with most things with Wythe, this project started out to try and make a beloved piece of vintage better and more wearable. After sourcing the right indigo yarn-dyed lightweight denim, I sent a few of these prime vintage examples to the cap factory to really nail down the fit and shape of the crown and brim. They gave me hell about having such a soft brim and construction, but in the end we finally got it right.

This is a cap with a soft and malleable brim like the originals, but won't snap, bend or break if left in a backpack or duffel bag during travel. You also dont have to worry about a rainshower or a jump in the creek to cool off after the workdays over! 

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in China