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Barnstormers Baseball Jersey - Home

Barnstormers Baseball Jersey - Home

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During World War I, almost every aviator was trained using Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny" biplanes. Once the war ended, the US government began selling off the surplus planes for fractions of what they cost. Many of these airmen were able to purchase planes for themselves, especially considering they knew these planes inside and out. When they weren't flying modified versions for cropdusting, the 1920s gave way to "Barnstorming" which was when these pilots would fly over rural farm towns to gather a crowd, while dropping flyers promoting their aerial acrobatic shows. These acrobatic shows would take place at a farmer's barn, hence the name "Barnstorm." 

We created a fictional farm league team name called the Barnstormers, as a nod to both the rural midwest's minor league and local baseball teams, as well as the Barnstorming phenomenon of the 20s.

Our baseball jerseys are made from our fleece-backed cotton jersey, which we use on our sweatshirts and half-zips. Our 'Away' jerseys feature our ombré chainstitch embroideries on the front and back, and use our faded black colorway. Our 'Home' colors use our heather grey cotton with evergreen chainstitching.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Portugal
  • Gentle cold wash, hang dry