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Herringbone Work Pants

Herringbone Work Pants

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These pants are made for workin' but also wont take it too hard if you dont "work" in them. What is "work" anyways? Is it writing product captions? Is it taking your dog for a walk? Either way, youll find this fabric to be really comfortable and youll find the pockets to be pretty handy. The natural slubs and flecks in the cotton are interesting visually and also mean that there werent any bleaches or dyes used in those cream yarns! 

This fabric was custom developed for Wythe, inspired by the actual Coca Cola uniforms from the 1930's and 40s. Legend has it that the delivery workers got pretty tired of all the stains from spills, so they often just dumped their uniforms into the vats of Coca Cola to get them to a uniform shade and cover the stains. That is what I had planned for these as well, but as you might know Hurricane Ida had some other plans and wiped out a significant portion fo the stock. This is all that remains, so better snap em up because there are not many left.

-Unbleached and Undyed Cotton slub herringbone with an evergreen stripe, based on historical uniforms in the 1930's and 40s

-Triple Chainstitched Seams with our signature evergreen middle stripe

-These fit true to size with a straight fit

-Two hand pockets, two back pockets

-Mil-spec Urea button fly

-Bartacked at points of stress

Pictured Below is the Natural and Green colourway, Studio shots in darker colour are overdyed with Coca Cola (Bummed we didnt get to make this colour but its easy to make it your own!)