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Donegal Raglan Wool Sweater

Donegal Raglan Wool Sweater

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A lot of what I try to do here at Wythe is go back to the source in my research. I really dig and dig until I feel I know the true heart of something, whether it be a denim pearl snap or grey sweatshirt. With these sweaters I knew the most special thing was the yarn. All of the best vintage sweaters I had owned and seen shared a common thread, or rather yarn. They each had a wonderful texture, both in the hand and in the eye. The authentic Irish Donegal yarn is such a special thing, and I knew there was no other way around it for these sweaters. 

These techniques of cutting, spinning, and dyeing yarns in Donegal have been passed down and grown since the early 1800's and continue to get better and better while retaining the rich heritage and uniqueness that made these yarns so great in the first place. These yarns have been knit in a special purl stitch on a low gauge machine for a wonderfully chunky sweater that will keep you warm all winter long. 

  • Real Donegal yarns, 100% new wool
  • Knit by a Female owned and operated facility in Madagascar
  • Regular fit, buy your normal size
  • These sweaters will feel a little compacted and dense right when they are taken out of the packaging but will loosen up, so dont worry if they feel a bit slim or tight at first.