What We're Made Of: Washed Cotton Flannel

We're back with another "What We're Made Of" to talk about what makes our cotton flannel fabric so special.

You may tire of hearing about it, but we always put our fabric first at Wythe.

Rather than sourcing existing fabrics from textile mills' existing collections, we always try to develop something special and exclusive to our brand. It's important to us to not only offer something unique, but we custom-design our fabric down to the yarn size and color as a way to create an authentic product.

Our archive of nearly century-old flannel shirts is extensive for a reason. We believe the flannel shirts produced between the 1920s and 1960s were the best ever made in regards to both handfeel and colorations.

Some of these archival pieces weren't even shirts anymore by the time we found them, but rather discarded scraps of well-loved and well-worn flannel workshirts.

Most of the Wythe flannels are based on patterns and colors from that era.

Once we established the standard for what we wanted in a Wythe flannel shirt, we navigated the world of textile mills and manufacturers until we came across the best ones to do it. This family-owned mill in India was able to recreate the quality of flannel that we had grown so attracted to, in the exact manner the yarns used to be spun, dyed, woven, and brushed.

These are truly a labor of love from everyone involved, and we are immensely proud to share them with you.

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