The New Oxford

It’s hard to improve upon perfection, but we tried our best.

The New Oxfords

After seeing an overwhelming response for our oxford shirt the past few years, we began wondering if it was possible to make it even better.

We sent some of our favorite vintage oxfords from our archive to one of the best mills we work with in India, with careful instructions on what we were looking for. It's always a challenge to achieve the look and feel of fabrics woven on vintage looms with modern technology. Thankfully, after a few rounds of trials with different yarn sizes and dyeing methods, we finally agreed on a construction that truly knocks it out of the park.

We're so excited about this new fabric.

The New Oxfords

A major reason why we love older oxfords is the minor “imperfections” in the yarns and in the weave. We were able to work with the mill to recreate some of these imperfections, which led to more irregularity, more slub, and more highs/lows in the yarns and colors. 

The Vintage Blue Oxford

Our Vintage Blue color now takes on a slightly darker appearance. This was the intended color from the very beginning. It boasts a true off-white yarn in the weft with a warmer blue yarn in the warp. The end result is a blue that closely resembles that of an authentic oxford from 50s and 60s. 

Aside from the update to the fabric, we’re still washing and softening these for the same lived-in look and feel. No changes have been made to the fit, construction, or sizing.

The New Evergreen Stripe Oxford

Oh, and we finally added a new color. Say hello to the Evergreen Stripe!

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